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The Agro-Handel Meat Plant is one of the top Polish meat producers. It is owned by Agro-Handel Spółka z o.o. established in 1989.
From its very beginning, the Management Board is chaired by Jan Ludwiczak, who is the company’s majority shareholder.

The company’s meat plant in Mościszki, commune of Krzywiń, slaughters, cuts and processes pork and beef meat. Its state-of-the-art slaughter line with a slaughter capacity of 1200 pigs daily makes it possible to slaughter 280-300 thousand pigs annually.

The plant conducts industrial and trade processing of pork meat at the amount of 30 thousand tonnes annually. The company uses its own meat to produce 500 tonnes of cold cuts, smoked meat and cold cut products monthly.

The meat and cold cut products are distributed through a nationwide network of its own shops and warehouses.

For many years the Agro-Handel Meat Plant has been cooperating with over 200 meat plants in Poland to which it provides semi-carcasses and meat parts. The company also provides its products to airlines, hotels, military units, including NATO ones stationed in Poland.

The HACCP system implemented and strictly observed in the production process makes it possible to produce top-quality products, thanks to which the company can compete in domestic and foreign markets.    
The Agro-Handel company is authorized to export its products to 36 countries worldwide. This allows us to export our products to the EU-member states, Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, China, Korea, Japan and other countries of the Far East.

Agro-Handel Spółka z o.o. employs around 360 people. From its very beginning, the company’s management has paid a great attention to training its own employees and managers at all levels. Nowadays, we are supported by highly-qualified employees who began their work as apprentices; after climbing the management ladder many of them are presently managers and directors.


Agro-Handel Sp. z o.o.
Mościszki 18
64-010 Krzywiń, Poland
Tax No:698-000-54-74

Tel. + 48 65-5174150
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